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30-Year Industry Expert Leads Significant Hospital, Service Line Expansions

PLANO, Texas (March 29, 2022) – Oceans Healthcare, a rapidly growing behavioral health provider, today announced Daryl Doise, the company’s longtime Executive Vice President of Growth and Strategy, has been named Chief Development Officer. Doise will continue his focus on increasing access to services nationwide and achieving the organization’s growth potential.

Doise joined Oceans in 2014 and has shepherded the company through continued expansion efforts across the Southeast, including a recent period of significant growth. Through acquisitions, high-profile joint ventures, new facility development and the addition of new services, Oceans has doubled in size since 2017. Last year alone, the company opened five new behavioral health hospitals, acquired and expanded pharmacy services, and announced plans for four additional locations and two expansions.

“Daryl is a mission-grounded leader and a driving force behind our organization’s strategic vision,” said Stuart Archer, Oceans Healthcare CEO. “Along with his team, he ensures we’re pursuing the right acquisition, de novo and partnership opportunities to increase access to high-quality behavioral health treatment in underserved communities. I’m grateful for his continued expertise.”

Doise has been instrumental in guiding the organization despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters impacting the organizations existing facilities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, and ongoing federal and state-level regulatory changes. He is motivated by a commitment to bring compassionate, accessible behavioral health care to those in need.

“I’m proud of Oceans’ accomplishments over the last few years, but as long as there are individuals in need without easy access and coverage for behavioral health treatment, our work will never stop,” Doise said. “Through our growth, we’ve become a quality and advocacy leader in our industry, and I am inspired by the positive impact we can have in underserved communities. I look forward to continuing to spread Ocean’s patient-driven mission.”

Doise received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. He is certified as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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